The Loving Sun

This is an image created by my mother, a graphic designer (retired) when graphic design was an organic artform and compositions where created using the eye and not the alignement tools in various programs. I remember this 70cm by 100cm image around the house as long as I can remember and it always reminded me of the warmth of my family, giving me strength every step of the way.

I made a promise that someday I would turn this painting into vector format and process it so that I could keep it forever. And so I did. Took me 10 hours. The 10 most emotional hours in front of a screen and every minute was worth it.

The work was untitled but I call it the Loving Sun due to its warmth and tenderness.

Everybody has people in their lives that gratiously offer their love and companionship either from a distance or with their physical presence. I wish that in this picture everybody recognises the people in their lives that share their light with them and not let one moment go by without expressing gratitude to those people with the passion worth living for.

Take Care.

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