Tuna tuku beach chair

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Product description
Since 2012 we have been collaborating with TERRA NATION to develop a beach chair. We went through a number of different designs until we noticed that one of the most annoying aspects of beach furniture is their size while carrying, their geometry and their weight.
When the idea was conceived to carry all components inside its own frame, new opportunities where opened for a number of alternatives.

Here you see the assembly process:

There are three different pole types (legs, seat and back) which correspond to colour-matching holes on the main body of the chair. This way the chair is easily assembled at the beach environment.

This project has produced a specialized solution for the beach environment. The chair is easy to carry, to assemble, it is comfortable, practical and robust. Our own tests proved its durability for more than 150 kilos under controlled conditions.

The chair features a neat hidden pocket used for personal items, mostly for their protection against stealing but also at a location where the stored objects can be easily accessible.

One of the most innovative features of the chair is its set of leg add-ons which are used on soft beach surfaces to stop the chair from sinking into the sand and losing balance. This unique design allows compatibility of all add-ons to all legs as well as a level of malleability to the surface they come in contact with.

It can easily be carried to the beach, the park or setup in the garden. When stored they take up the least space possible.