What's the deal with the DIY table saw?

What has happened with our post of the DIY table saw is amazing!

It’s been the most successful post in this website. It’s been more popular than all of the product related posts. This popularity proves the following:

  1. There are many folks out there trying to avoid the cost of buying a brand new table saw
  2. There are many folks that need one!
  3. Most of the folks that want one, don’t know how to make one, are too afraid to make one, don’t know where to start OR have many ideas about where to start and know what they are doing but are just researching the field to get more ideas

For this studio it means that whatever we are trying to do to increase awareness and clients for this brand, is not working and any success is accidental. We never thought that this post would be so interesting. Should we produce more similar content if this was so popular? What was so popular about it? was it the DIY aspect? was it that the object presented was a table saw? Are we in the wrong business?

If you think it would be a good area to explore, please write a comment and share your thoughts. We would really love to hear what you want to say.

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