New DIY circular table saw!

Sorry to everyone that visited this link in the past months and only saw text. The pictures were lost not only from the server but also from the hard drive. I took new pictures and uploaded them. Hope this project helps you with your own thoughts about building a table saw for your workshop.

This fantastic machine took about 10 days to build including 4 tries to make the parallel fence and 2 tries to make the angle guide. It is primarily made of MDF, plywood and aluminium. The hand circular saw that was installed on the underside took some time to install and get tuned. It looked like an easy project in the beginning but it ended up posing many problems during design.

It took some time to perfectly position the circular saw. If it failed it would have been a real drawback at the initial phase, bringing doubt to mind. However its success provided the courage to move forward and complete the job. Throughout the year, the table saw was sitting in the middle of the workshop without its guides.

 There are a few things more fulfilling than building a precice piece of machinery that opens up possibilities for other design and making. This machine will also enable an easier construction of other guides and machines. Orama plans to experiment with the design of various furniture in the near future. It has long been the plan to build this machine! SUCCESS! Any questions about it? Your questions and comments are welcomed!

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    1. Panos

      Sorry for the late reply Bob. I bet you have found some solution by now but to answer your question I am afraid there aren’t any plans… I hope the photos are good enough to grasp the principle…

  1. Is the riving knife part of your circular saw or did you make it your self? If you made it could you send photos of how it is attached to the saw?

    1. Panos

      Hey Dennis! Thanks for your message. The riving knife was part of the hand held circular saw which I attached under the table. I would be too afraid to build the actual machine by myself. I used an existing circular saw…

    1. Panos

      Hi Patrick! You could say that they are set screws but really they are pressing against 4 points of the saw base plate and consequently on the table insert which is squared. After 3 years the angle hasn’t budged. But if it does I will use these screws as set screws. Hope this helps.

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