Börner Cheesemaker dedicated website

Börner Gmbh just released a dedicated website to inform the public about the exciting potential of their new product, the Cheesemaker designed by Orama Product Development.
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What’s the deal with the DIY table saw?

It's been the most successful post in this website. It's been more popular than all of the product related posts.
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Off to Ambiente, Frankfurt

From the 10th of February to the 12th, Orama Product Development will be visiting the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt. Here is a link for you to visit. Please send a message if you would like to meet at the exhibition centre.
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The loving sun

This is an image created by my mother, a graphic designer (retired) when graphic design was an organic artform and compositions where created using the eye and not the alignement tools in various programs.
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The TUNA TUKU story… so far

In collaboration with TERRA NATION there was a thought of developing a beach chair for the global market 3 years ago (2012). However it was not clear which direction this project would take, since there were 2 strategies on the table...
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