When you are looking for a product design consultancy with whom to share your idea, you are looking for trustworthy professional service providers  that will lead your business to success. You demand that your design associates understand the nature of your business and are willing to immerse themselves into the problem at hand. You expect your product to stand out in the market and fulfill its promises. You are looking for reliable solutions, realistic time to market and above all else, profit. We have tuned our business to meet your goals!

Panos DramitinosOwner

New products are developed by means of research, analysis and synthesis of proposals that reflect the requirements and needs of each business. ORAMA’s design process consists of a number of sequential steps which take the design project from a basic idea up to the production prototype. However those services/steps can also be used separately to assist different stages of product design. Our main and prefered service is the execution of the whole design process.

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