New products are developed by means of research, analysis and synthesis of proposals that reflect the requirements and needs of each business. ORAMA’s design process consists of a number of services normally used within the collaborative framework normaly integrated in a variety of projects. However, ORAMA also offers these services separately to assist entrepreneurs at different stages of product development.

New Product DevelopmentSuccessful products

ORAMA collaborates with clients to develop new products for mass production and mass consumption. We do so by immersing ourselves into the problem to be resolved and identifying strategies that would mostly benefit the client.


Virtual PrototypingEfficient Development

Orama provides 3D CAD services for ANY three dimensional structure. Having a 3D model of your project can help test it, produce it or present it. ORAMA is using Autodesk inventor (solid, parametric modeler) to compose detailed isolated parts and assemblies with precision.

ORAMA has developed its own TECHNICAL FOLDER methodology and structure, and uses it flawlessly in its collaboration with Eastern manufacturers. You can benefit from our experience.


Physical PrototypingIn touch with reality

ORAMA provides high level prototyping services to design professionals, inventors and design enthusiasts. It is well known that prototyping is more a method of designing and less a method for presenting an idea. Prototyping participates as a method for testing and improving design outcomes to reach a level of feasibility that enables them to be manufactured, used and appreciated.