Tuna Tuku Plus

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Product description
This brand new beach chair, designed by Orama Product Development for Terra Nation Gmbh is the improved model of the TUNA TUKU, a beach chair which was also designed by Orama Product Development in 2014 and was sold out in many countries around the world during 2015. Terra Nation named this product TUNA TUKU to be consistent with the rest of its products which are named using the almost extinct Rapanui language.
The new beach chair has been greatly improved in comparison to the previous model. The new product when packed and carried is only 40cm in length by 9,5cm in diameter. It has been reduced in size compared to the previous model measuring 53cm by 12cm diameter. This has been achieved by developing a polymer casing which is assembled using ultrasonic welding. Stored inside the carry case as in the previous model, are the rest of the chair components (seat fabric and poles). This chair weighs 1.2 kilos compared to the previous model weighing 2.2 kilos. The new chair is smaller is size when assembled. However this does not reduce functionality or comfort. On the contrary, the new chair encourages a better body posture making it even better for the beach.
And of course the new beach chair could not be specialized for the beach environment without the leg add-ons that allow it to stay afloat in a sandy environment. The leg add-ons are optional in the purchase of the beach chair and according to the TERRA NATION name giving, they are called HUKI. They have been encased in a fabric-mesh pouch and attach on the beach chair so that they are easily accessible. The HUKI leg add-ons are taken out of the pouch and pressed through the leg tips. This allows the user to effortlessly balance on the soft sand while using the beach chair. The HUKI add-ons are sold separately because many users do not use a beach chair at the beach but rather in their garden, next to a swimming pool, the park, a lake resort or a beach with firmer sand. The collaboration with the Terra Nation Creative Department and King Camp, the manufacturer of the chair, once again proved flawless! The TUNA TUKU PLUS beach chair is being exported globally by TERRA NATION Gmbh.