Simple floor lamp

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Product description
While relaxing during the Christmas holidays, in the same spirit that gave birth to the coat hanger, a one-off domestic floor lamp was designed and made. I have been meaning to make a floor lamp for quite a while but could not make a decision about the proper materials to use since over the years I have collected plenty of components and fixtures that I could select for this project.
Originally, the coat hanger would become the floor lamp but sketching helped show that lighting for the specific environment would be served better by a simple design, geometric if possible, lightweight and most importantly dimmable! I already had a dimmable system available from an older project that didn’t take off, consisting of the switch and a halogen bulb with its fixture. The decision was made to use it. This design is extremely simple. Two walnut crosses were made. One for the top and the other for the bottom. Four 16mm aluminum poles run through holes at the four cross endings and they are fixed in place using stainless steel pins that run through the wooden components sideways. The cable runs through the centre of the crosses. A hole was drilled through both their centers and the cable is concealed with another shorter piece of the same type of aluminum tubing which is held in place by the cable itself. To raise the light source at a proper height and above the top cross assembly, aluminum sheeting was cut, bent and fixed on the walnut cross using 4 little wood screws. The original thought was to make a white fabric cover. As it turned out, we didn’t have enough white fabric available but we had enough green fabric, thin enough to defuse the light. In the future more covers can be made. As a matter of fact, we can make a white fabric and use a led light which also changes colors. This way we can better control the mood in the room. :) Here is a video showing the assembly process: Looking forward to the time when it will be possible to relax by design again!...