KUKU beach anchor

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Product description
The beach anchor is an object developed for TERRA Nation (www.terra-nation.com) that is used at a beach environment to hold other structures firm against the wind.
By using it as a shovel, a bit is dug on the sand approximately 15cm deep. The anchor is then placed inside the pit and covered with sand, except for the ring at the end of a double rope which is held over the sand surface. The ring is used to tie any other object on it such as shaders, umbrellas, pets, beach bags, canopies etc. When placed under the sand surface it can withstand up to 15 kilos of upright force The orange colour helps find it and dig it out before leaving the beach. In the case of pebbled or rocky beaches, the anchor is simply left on the beach surface and covered with any material available. It has been designed so that the ring can be fastened underneath with a notch indicating where the rope should pass through. It is then easily stored away in a beach bag, back pack or other product cases. The beach anchor has been named “KUKU” by TERRA Nation. It was exhibited for the first time at the Friedrichshafen International Outdoor show in Germany in July 2013 and was sent by TERRA Nation as an Invitation to guests before the show.