Off to Ambiente, Frankfurt

From the 10th of February to the 12th, Orama Product Development will be visiting the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt. Here is a link for you to visit. Please send a message if you would like to meet at the exhibition centre.

Orama shop bandsaw improvement

It was time I did something about the band saw table and fence! The previous table it came with was lacking precision and was too heavy for the weight of the machine as well as the way I used it.

Orama shop belt sander upgrade

The story goes that a massive shelf got loose from the wall on top of the sander and was demolished one day when I was away. I decided to go ahead and remake the table and the 90 degree fence from scratch.

The loving sun

This is an image created by my mother, a graphic designer (retired) when graphic design was an organic artform and compositions where created using the eye and not the alignement tools in various programs.

Marimba 2nd attempt :)

Orama is continuously supporting the local philharmonic orchestra (Syros-Hermoupolis Philharmonic) as much as possible with pro bono work.