What is Orama Product Development?

Orama Product Development is an International, product and Industrial Design firm with 18 years of experience in designing and developing new products.

What is our business?

More than 90% of its activity is to provide design services B2B: Business is in need of a new product –>We handle its design from concept to production prototype. The remaining -less than- 10% is devoted to pro bono work for loyal clients, local businesses that we want to see succeed, friends and family.

B2B work90%
Pro Bono10%

We are strong believers of holistic design. We approach product design as an endurance sport where every step of the way, the nature of obstacles to be overcome are diverse. A good idea is often not enough to lead to a successful product. Product development needs to flow effortlessly up to the production phase and from then on, a product needs to meet the expectations of its users and ultimately, the environment in which it will be disposed. For the product to succeed, its design must reflect its future life from cradle to grave and we are determined to make that happen.

Our process is as physical as the products we design. Our workshop is filled with materials and tools to fabricate mockups, appearance prototypes, functional prototypes and experiment with, tactile, visual and physical properties, leading to realistic and reliable solutions.

When you are looking for a product design consultancy with whom to share your idea, you are looking for trustworthy professional service providers  that will lead your business to success. You demand that your design associates understand the nature of your business and are willing to immerse themselves into the problem at hand. You expect your product to stand out in the market and fulfill its promises. You are looking for reliable solutions, realistic time to market and above all else, profit. We have tuned our business to meet your goals!

Panos DramitinosDirector

Our story so far...

Celebrating 18 years of design
It's hard to contemplate how time flies when you are having fun
Orama Product Development collaborates with Boerner Gmbh
Leading to the design and development of a wide range of household products.
Orama Product Development collaborates with TERRA NATION Gmbh
The collaboration is productive and leads to a range of completed products
Orama Product Development moves to Syros, Greece.
In a more spacious workshop, able to cater for more advanced exploration, prototyping and product testing.
1st Prize - "Shelter in a cart" International design competition
Orama Product Development is founded
In Kesariani, Athens, Greece. Work was made possible in a 16 square metre space.
First project completed
In 1999, collaborated with Svim S.A. for the design of the Amvrosia line kitchen handle. This Product is still being produced.

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